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Water Conditioning Products

Need some water softening equipment? Witte's Water Conditioning has many products which you can rent. We also offer you the option to buy your rentals if you notice they are working even better than you had imagined!

Proper parts maintenance

Water softening equipment is very important, especially with the hard water that tends to run in our area. To ensure that your water softening equipment is working properly, make sure your systems undergo proper maintenance. We provide sales, installations, and services for commercial and residential water conditioning products.

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Products we provide

  • Water softeners (demand regeneration)

  • Purified reverse osmosis drinking water

  • Iron and odor removal

  • Salt delivery

Fully warrantied!

Our products all come fully warrantied for 10 years! You will enjoy total protection on your water softening products purchased through Witte's Water Conditioning of Cedar Rapids, IA for up to 10 years!


It Does The Job

•         No more rust

•         No more staining

•         No more iron colored water

•         No more smelly water

And Very Simple

•         No expensive & messy chemicals

•         No pumps or venturis to go wrong

•         No maintenance & no filters

How It Works?

When water enters, it passes through a bubble of compressed air that adds oxygen. The water then passes through a filter of Manganese Dioxide based media. This reaction turns the ferrous iron into ferric oxide (Fe2O3) and ferric Hydroxide [Fe(OH)3], which are insoluble. The insoluble flakes of iron that result are then caught by the filter bed. The iron-free water then flows throughout your home.


The equipment replenishes itself every 3 days in a process that washes the iron out for the filter & down the drain, while refilling the compressed air bubble. This happens automatically during the night.

Is It Economical? It costs almost nothing to run because:

•         No expensive & messy chemicals

•         No pumps or venturis to go wrong

•         No maintenance & no filters

Full 10 Year Warranty

There will be no surprises with our FULL 10 YEAR WARRANTY from the date of installation!

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