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Salt delivery to your door

  • Reduces the natural gas required to heat a home's water by 30%

  • Buy LESS laundry detergent, dish soap and dish washer detergent

  • Clothes and fabric are improved by 15% and your laundry is brighter

  • Soaps and other cleaners lather more and rinse cleaner (reduce usage by 70%)

  • Less dishwasher maintenance

  • Less salt and energy needed

  • Save money on service, maintenance and replacement of water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and showers

  • Plumbing fixtures and surfaces are better protected from corrosion

  • Cleaner and softer feeling skin and hair

  • No soap scum, residue or mineral deposits to scrub off of your bathtubs and or showers

  • Washing dishes is easier with less spots

  • Washing the car is easier and soft water reduces streaking and spotting

You will enjoy cleaning your silverware and glassware with softer water and you'll be able to enjoy their luster for longer! Reduce the amount of harmful minerals that may damage your home with one of our water softeners.

Like our products? You can try them out long-term by renting out quality products and when you realize you just can't live without them, you can buy them!

Protect your silverware

Rent with option to purchase!

Drinking water

Advantages of the RO System:

  • Conveniently dispenses filtered water for all water based cooking and consumption

  • Requires no electricity, powered by residential water line pressure

  • Adaptable for use with decorative faucets to match any decorative style

  • Low environmental impact

  • Capable of providing RO water to multiple locations (kitchen, bar sinks, lavatory, hot-water dispensers, and refrigerators / ice makers

Smart RO System:

  • NSF Certified and listed for contaminant reduction

  • Sanitary quick change filter cartridges for easy installation and service (no spills / no mess)

  • 5 micron sediment / carbon pre-filter for optimal sediment holding capacity

  • Slim profile and space saving design

  • System designed for both chlorinated and non-chlorinated municipal or well systems

  • Conserves water, shutting down when storage tank is full and automatically turns on to refill tank

Benefits of Water Softening:

Witte’s Water Conditioning offers top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that you are drinking only the purest water!

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